My visit to Hinton Ampner

Recently I visited a place called Hinton Ampner, which is a Georgian-style stately home and gardens in Hampshire, England, near to where I live. After receiving some unexpected interest on social media, I’ve decided to share a few photos and some interesting information I learnt about the place. Enjoy!

The view from the back of the house. It was built in 1790 but then remodelled in 1867. When Ralph Dutton (1898 – 1985) became the owner it was remodelled again in a Georgian style to what it would have been like in 1790. It was also restored fairly recently after being badly damaged in a fire in 1960.



The main sitting room, which was without a doubt my favourite room. I really liked the colour scheme and the splendour it had about it.
This painting reminded me of Sherlock’s Reichenbach Fall, so I instantly took a liking to it.
This was a treasure box used to hold all the interesting items that were found and collected in Georgian times.
Beautiful books in the library. The best room of any house in my opinion!
More books. Sorry, I couldn’t stop taking photos of them.
I really loved the red wallpaper here.
This was one of the rooms upstairs. For some reason, this image didn’t really come out as well as it should have done. I’m still adjusting to the camera on my new phone, so hopefully these will be better the next time I do a photography piece.
My own photo of the front of the house. Sadly I couldn’t get one without people in the way!
This was probably my favourite view, taken from the side. It’s the one place I remember most when I visited as a child.



Yes, ok. I’ll admit it. I signed up for membership. At the tender age of 18 I have achieved granny status. Overall, I had a very nice trip. All the staff were friendly and inviting, and it was nice to be able to take photos, as a lot of places it is banned. I would definitely recommend a trip there if you happen to be in the area.

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